Instead of committing to a resolution that I wouldn't keep this year I decided to commit to 365 of them. Follow me as I better my life and hopefully yours as well.

The Geektool

This little gem is--in a word-- AMAZING.

It is found here.

What it does it it acts as an aggregator on top of your desktop but beneath your active desktop. What this means is that it is available for you to see but never to move or change on accident.

It acts as a Preference Pane Addition and is really one of my favorite tools I have on my Mac today.

The funny little program allows you to place a file, an image, or a shell onto your desktop.

The most useful of these being your shell.

A shell is a piece of programming that activates and completes a small task for you. The two I use on my laptop are a To Do shell and a Calendar shell.

As you can see it is on the left hand side of my screen. And this really helps. The best part of this is that you do not have to be a geek in order to use it. Online there is a plethora of handy how to guides to geektool that provide you a step by step guide for using the system.

I highly recommend you get it. And, if you need help getting it set up feel free to shoot me an email.

P.S. I just found out you can use this to read RSS feeds. This means you can have your favorite blog on your desktop! Totes going to do this! Here is the how to for RSS feeds.

Resolution for the week: Week 1

To work at making my computer use more efficient.


After much deliberation, I have decided to change this blog.

I will focus on one thing each week and document my progress on that resolution.

I may redo resolutions that have already been expressed here as I feel they are necessary or they are simply ruling my life at the moment.

So, look to this becoming the norm as of Sunday.



So, I have come to a crossroads this week.

I don't know whether or not I want to keep a failing blog alive.

While I like the idea behind this blog, its become too stressful to attempt to keep up with all of my resolutions as well as to attempt to come up with a new way to change my life every day.

That's why I haven't been keeping up as of late.

But rest assured something will change soon. I just need to figure out how I want to change this and make it better.


Swamped again. Like woah.

Resolution 1: Work week by week.

Resolution 2: Realize how to turn your work on.

Resolution 3: Be careful during phone calls.

Resolution 4: Be seen.


Resolution: Take a deep breath before you dive into a situation.

There's a great episode of SCRUBS that promotes taking a deep breath before tackling a crashing patient because it makes everything slow down.

Last night I had a huge situation that I didn't want to have to deal with and I felt stupid being at in the first place. From now on, I plan to breathe.

Use the Cloud Luke!

Resolution: To use the cloud to process my data more.