Instead of committing to a resolution that I wouldn't keep this year I decided to commit to 365 of them. Follow me as I better my life and hopefully yours as well.

The Geektool

This little gem is--in a word-- AMAZING.

It is found here.

What it does it it acts as an aggregator on top of your desktop but beneath your active desktop. What this means is that it is available for you to see but never to move or change on accident.

It acts as a Preference Pane Addition and is really one of my favorite tools I have on my Mac today.

The funny little program allows you to place a file, an image, or a shell onto your desktop.

The most useful of these being your shell.

A shell is a piece of programming that activates and completes a small task for you. The two I use on my laptop are a To Do shell and a Calendar shell.

As you can see it is on the left hand side of my screen. And this really helps. The best part of this is that you do not have to be a geek in order to use it. Online there is a plethora of handy how to guides to geektool that provide you a step by step guide for using the system.

I highly recommend you get it. And, if you need help getting it set up feel free to shoot me an email.

P.S. I just found out you can use this to read RSS feeds. This means you can have your favorite blog on your desktop! Totes going to do this! Here is the how to for RSS feeds.

Resolution for the week: Week 1

To work at making my computer use more efficient.


After much deliberation, I have decided to change this blog.

I will focus on one thing each week and document my progress on that resolution.

I may redo resolutions that have already been expressed here as I feel they are necessary or they are simply ruling my life at the moment.

So, look to this becoming the norm as of Sunday.



So, I have come to a crossroads this week.

I don't know whether or not I want to keep a failing blog alive.

While I like the idea behind this blog, its become too stressful to attempt to keep up with all of my resolutions as well as to attempt to come up with a new way to change my life every day.

That's why I haven't been keeping up as of late.

But rest assured something will change soon. I just need to figure out how I want to change this and make it better.


Swamped again. Like woah.

Resolution 1: Work week by week.

Resolution 2: Realize how to turn your work on.

Resolution 3: Be careful during phone calls.

Resolution 4: Be seen.


Resolution: Take a deep breath before you dive into a situation.

There's a great episode of SCRUBS that promotes taking a deep breath before tackling a crashing patient because it makes everything slow down.

Last night I had a huge situation that I didn't want to have to deal with and I felt stupid being at in the first place. From now on, I plan to breathe.

Use the Cloud Luke!

Resolution: To use the cloud to process my data more.



Resolution: Working with a clean inbox!

So, I recently combined 3 emails into one account on gmail and it is SO nice! Now, I merely have to go to one site to answer emails from 3 accounts AND I can send them from the email they were sent to :D

It is SO relaxing. But, I realized that my inbox was too cluttered to make easy access available. So, this morning, I cleaned out my inbox as well. Currently, I have 19 emails instead of the 50 that I received today or the 700+ that I had yesterday.

SO nice.

Technical Difficulties

Sorry about the no posts. I was having MAJOR technical difficulties with my computer and could not blog. So now that its fixed I'm playing catch up with a LOAD of work I couldn't do before. But I was still working on resolutions nonetheless.

April 1
Live cleaner.

April 2
Take care of your computer.

April 3
Learn something every day.

April 4

April 5
Lean on others when you need it.

April 6
Think about real productivity and how to achieve it.

This show is the reason I still watch TV

Please spread the word however you can.

Skin Care

Yup. That's what I'm working on for today; any tips?

Undelinably Awesome

Read something insane everyday.

Find something to smile about everyday.


For today, I am going to attempt to work harder on my preventative care.

I'm usually a if you're not about to die, don't go to the doctor type of person. But I am attempting to change this into a "preventative care" is best type of person.

We'll se how this goes....


So, I finally changed the code of the blog and I think it looks WAY better!

But, I'm still in the process of changing it so please be patient with me as I attempt to roll out new code over the coming month.


Tan a don't want to be a ghost. But do it right, with some sunscreen.

Theme Time!

Work at focusing on one thing each a theme.


Plan for the future. You know what you want to do, now work at planning and achieving them. Come on.


Believe that you can do the impossible, the improbable, and the things you don't want to. And then follow through.


Today I'm going to focus on breathing before I need to concentrate. I hear it helps


I plan on cutting back on my soda consumption and upping my tea consumption instead. (is this technically 2?)

Keeping Tabs on Myself

So, I've been pretty good thus far. While I have missed a few days, I have made up for them with multiple resolutions on one day.

Nonetheless, I have kept up with the resolutions themselves which has been difficult some days when I simply need to relax or when I have a lot of stuff in my life. BUT, se la vie

As for this post, there are 2 reasons for it:

1. I am procrastinating and it kinda upsets me. But I'm getting focused because I remembered the reason for this blog: I want to better myself and stop my bad habits.

2. I wanted to share a picture of one of my heroes: Sufjan Stevens.


Use it, like a lot.


Do it more often. Its a good time to relax.


So, last night I was exhausted after doing an all nighter studying for a midterm that I really did not have to (it was really easy). But such is life.


1. Stop making excuses.

2. Schedule your life better/more


For today: Think of something others would say is impossible to do and think of a way to do it.

(Thank you Alice in Wonderland!)

*static sound*

Today's resolution: to use the soothing effects of white/pink/brown noise to better effect.

Two weeks ago I was in a professor's office and we were conversing and for some reason we decided that we needed to show a Youtube video.

The professor first though had to turn off her white noise generator. I hadn't event noticed the noise. So, I quickly forgot and moved on to the video.

BUT, this past weekend I was busy working on a paper and in an attempt at both genius and procrastination I searched for the same white noise generator .

Reading the site I noticed they professed the wonderful aspects of white I tried it. And it helped, a lot. I then tried it whilst I slept instead of to the noise of tv as I usually do. I woke up without a care and fully rested an hour earlier than my alarm was set for.

White noise works.

Note: I prefer pink noise and have noticed that different noises help for different times. Try it, you may just come to like it)

I know...I fail sometimes

So, yea, this weekend has been quite busy for me so I apologize. While I haven't posten them here, I have rexolved to do things each day thus far:

1. Live each day for a purpose. Set a goal and achieve it every day. And if you don't, at least you've tried.

2. Learn a new language this year. (Sill working out which language though)

3. Put yourself out there.


Don't let fear paralyze you. It's ok to try and fail. Really, it is.

SILENCE!!!!!! i kill you...

I read today on a self-improvement website that one should spend 5 minutes every day alone and in silence.

So, today I'm going to try this. I'm quite excited.

I'm Sorry....

For today my resolution is to attempt to right some wrongs and just say I'm sorry.

Not another one!

So, today I've decided that my resolution is that I want to take more pictures.

Now, this isn't to incorporate another Project365 into my already mosterous undertaking.

Instead I merely want to take more pictures and learn how to truly take better pictures.

So, expect a picture reel soon (like I'm working on the code for this site as a whole so relax).


So, for today, I want to start reading more blogs. I truly believe that blogs and general online journals are the way of the future and the place where this generation's greatest works are published.

Inpart I think that this is being proven true by the fact that every stinkin' blog out there is in search of either a book deal or a TV show, or something else in an attempt to show their legitimacy.

Nonetheless, I think that this is something that I should do. So, look for a blog roll on the side very soon to see the blogs that I am reading!


Acknowledge and follow your heroes passionately.

Blah de Blah

Think of something creative everyday to inspire yourself.

And yet again....

So, again I have failed the daily thing. Last night I was wiped out so I fell asleep like at 8. Woke up moved beds and fell asleep again.

Nonetheless, here are another 2 resolutions:

1. Read more. (Specifically more non-academic readings to relax and get up to date on current issues/ theories)
2. Get your hair did more often. I usually get my hair cut like once every month or so (although I think I've gone 3 months this not ok). I plan on normalizing this and turning it into a twice a month event.


Today, I want to work on being more focused.

I have an awful tendency to lose my focus or simply be unable to focus on doing a task (like writing the paper I have due tomorrow).

This needs to change.

Awesome Inspiration

Look to the personal blog for a description of the AMAZINGNESS that happened today! :D

This inspired my resolution for today: To acknowledge and accept my strengths and start to market myself properly.

I need to stop....

I have a problem. I bite my nails. I bite them a lot. Like to the point that I barely have nails anymore.

So, yea. I'm going to stop. I need to.

Pues Entonces.....

For today, I'm attempting to get into watching other sports. It's baseball season at Wofford and well...I don't really like it too much. That is going to change though.

2 more...

Yea, Fridays are not so good for me....

1. Use every day. I kinda fail to use my Fridays quite often. Sorry....
2. Do work son. Find some job you can do to better your environment every day.

Read More Son!!!

Yea, that's the resolution! :D

I Gotta Clean!

So that's my resolution. To keep a cleaner house. I'm kinda upset at how messy my room is right now lol.

The Artsy-Fartsy

I want to be more artsy.

Therefore, today's resolution is to do just that. Now, I'm not some HUGE idealist (only kinda-sorta) so I'm going to be focusing on digital photography and graphic design as that is where I am drawn...with a light dabble in some other areas.

Stay Tuned for more!


Yea, that kinda explains it.

Resolution for today is to focus more on becoming productive. This have included downloading an awesome little app that allows me to see my to do lists and calendar on my desktop! :D

Holler if you want some of the code to do this. I think its a really awesome addition. but I know that i do need to clean my desktop >.<


Devote more time to sleeping. Ideally 7 hours a night.

Just Dance, It'll be ok

Let your inhibitions go once a day and do something crazy.

Two Days Worth

So, I kinda have been under the weather and thus did not post yesterday. Thus, TWO resolutions for today.

1. Learn an instrument. I think I'm going to learn the banjo...I just like the idea of knowing such an obscure instrument.

2. Don't judge a book by its cover. Today, I met some awesome people that at first glance I was not too impressed with. Silly me! So, I'm going to be catching myself from now on. I hate to judge.


I feel like I need to keep up with the news better. Especially with my choice of profession/study.

So, the resolution for today: stay better informed of international and national news.


Make someone smile.

I think that pretty much sums it up.

We're better together...

For today's resolution, I'm going to do something to better my health.

I'm going to start taking a daily multivitamin.

We need it. If for some reason we don't then its good for us nonetheless. Vegetarians need it bad.

So yea, multivitamin! Woo!!!


So, I'm tired but I wanted to make sure that I kept my Project365 going.

Resolution: go vegetarian...more.

I usually opt for the vegetarian option but not always. Today's resolution: to make this more prominent in my life.

I will still eat eggs and milk (and assorted uses/products therein) but I just love the health benefits of being a vegetarian.



So, last night I decided to do something spontaneous with a friend, to buy tickets to see a band we both moderately like (they were cheap) and then to work actively this week to fall in love with them.

And I am SO excited!

This has inspired me to my newest resolution: To do something spontaneous every day.

I think we try too hard to meticulously plan every second of every day that we forget the glory that is spontaneity.

Won't you just take my hand and join in the fun?

Mo Wata Less Problems

So, I live life relatively dehydrated. I know this. As a population, we live life dehydrated. So, for today's resolution, I plan on drinking more water.

My current goal is 32 oz plus whatever I drink at meals. According to some websites, I should have approximately 80 oz a day...that's not going to happen any time soon but I can try! :D


So I know this is late but whatever.

Next resolution: To take some time out of each day just for me....

I think as a society we tend to ignore "me time" or think that we are selfish for taking it...we aren't and we need it.

So, I resolve to take at least 5 min of each day that is just for me.


A Film A Week

Yea, that's my resolution for today.

Film is one of the best ways we have to storytelling and for the creation of myths. So, I want to watch one a week this year.


Today's choice: The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Prepping for Tomorrow

So, I've been quite an insomniac as of late and so I'm kinda scared that I will fail at executing my latest resolution. Nonetheless, I feel as if I can succeed at it. (I guess we'll know in like 6 hours!)

Nonetheless, I also have another resolution, my resolution for tomorrow I guess:

To listen to a new song each day.

I am the type of person who lives by music. If I am having a bad day, I listen to sad music, and vice versa. I also have a wake up song that I use in a vain attempt to wake up smiling and to set a good theme/mood to my day (works sometimes).

But, I also, have more than 4 days of music on my iTunes and only listen to like an hour ever. So, I resolve to listen to a new song each day. Now, this doesn't have to be a song that I have never heard before, it simply has to be a song I haven't listened to in a while. But, I do also want to expand on my horizons as a music aficionado (If you can call me that...I do.).

So, I shall venture into new fronts musically. I think I'm going to start with some neo-classical techno mixes since that's what I've been attracted to as of late.

Note: I will eventually, probably add some type of widget on the right to track some of the new music I am listening to...just be patient.

Additional Note: Please feel free to add musical suggestions in the comments!

Part Deux

So, I know that this is coming late in the day but its still good.

I want to start to actually follow a morning routine. Coupling into this is the fact that I will be working on waking up a little bit earlier (SHOCKING! I KNOW!). I simply just fail at following a basic form of morning routine because I always forget to do something or my natural urge to not get up until I have to kicks in.

But no more.

Number 1

Blog More.

I once read that the best way to become a better writer is to write more. Also, the catharsis that blogging allows is something that I think we all yearn for.

So, for resolution #1 I will blog more.


Why This?

I'm really bad at figuring out a New Year's Resolution. I always have too many things that I want to change. Beyond this, I take issue in the idea of working to start to change my life in a more positive way and failing. So, I've started this Blog (which will look MUCH better soon).

Here, I plan on taking on a new resolution every day to change my life for the better. At least for the next 365 days.

So this is my Project365. Please feel free to help me out by giving me ideas on how to better my life or tips on sticking to it.

And I hope that by the end of the year, both of our lives will have been enriched in some way.